Uber Eats Bluetooth WiFi Receipt Printer


Uber Eats tablet receipt printer. Simple and fast connection via Bluetooth and/or WiFi.

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Features of the Uber Eats Bluetooth 80mm Printer

Attention, this printer is only compatible with the Uber Eats delivery platform!

If you sell on multiple platforms, choose Cloud Printer

Thermal printing

The thermal technology does not use ink, using the standard 80mm width thermal paper receipt, readily available in stores.


Bluetooth or WiFi connection with the Uber Eats tablet (Android). The printer can also be used with other USB and WiFi cash register software.

Autocut function

The printer is equipped with a cutter to automatically cut the ticket between each order.

Paper end, no paper, cover open detectors

Three detectors with audible alarm and flashing LED inform you in the event of an anomaly or missing paper.

Alarm function (can be deactivated

A beep is triggered between each new command.

Print speed

Uber Eats Bluetooth 80mm printer: 250mm/s


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