Activate M2M IoT SIM card

Select below how to activate your SIM card.

If you have a 30-day prepaid SIM card (e.g. Amazon purchase) you can take out a subscription now to keep the service active, or at any time later.

Where can I find ICCID?

The ICCID (Integrated Circuit Card Identifier) is stored inside the SIM card’s file system. It’s a 19-digit identifier that uniquely identifies a SIM card worldwide.

The ICCID is written on the back of the SIM card, as shown in the red box.

Activate SIM card without subscription

You have just received a prepaid SIM card or you are already a direct debit customer.

Subscribing on a prepaid SIM card

You would like to extend your prepaid SIM card offer to a monthly or annual subscription.


2 months free with annual plan