Merchant site, restaurant, click&collect, transport…


Automatic, remote printing of your preparation slips, transport labels, invoices, QRcode, promo codes, personalized messages…

Developers (JSON)

Build your own remote printing solution, and freely customize tickets.

OpenAPI Documentation

IOT technology

Thanks to QOS2 technology, messages are delivered with a 99.9999% guarantee.
Never lose an impression!


Automatic printing of orders from your various internet sales channels to one or more printers.

Documentation Plugins

New model 2023

Remote control

Printer fleet management


API connectors: Merchant site, CRM, SaaS…
Multi-shop : click&collect, marketplace…
Label paper: carrier standard, use-by date, packaging…


Cloud Print Adapter

Connect any internet application to your printers, in a few clicks, without computer knowledge.

In 2022, Expedy Print developed this innovative new product, a USB Connected Box (IOT) to convert a conventional printer into a cloud.

API connectors: WordPress, WooCommerce, Prestashop, Shopify, Wix, HubRise, Deliverect, Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Just Eat…

Imprint Guarantee

Thanks to QOS2 technology, messages are delivered with a guarantee of 99.99999%.

✔️ Backup
If the printer is offline, tickets are backed up to servers awaiting print, then printed automatically the next time the printer is connected.

✔️ Paper end sensors
In case of missing paper, or incomplete printing (roll paper finished), the ticket is automatically reprinted without loss of data.

Order receipt

Easily connect your sales channels to one or more printers. Orders are printed automatically, without a PC or tablet.

Layout and customizable data:
Withdrawal time, payment method, delivery, promo code, QRcode…

eCommerce Modules
Integration with HubRise
API Documentation


Automate your shipping steps, from order preparation (picking list) to the transport label.

. Order preparation slip
> Ticket format 80mm or A4
> Product data, reference, weight, shelf…
> QRcode, Barcode EAN13 GTIN

. Transport label
> Standard format 4×6 (10x15cm )
> File PDF
> Label printers (label): Zebra, Datamax o’neil, Epson, Star, Brother, Vevor, Beeprt… [Ask for confirmation]

And the possibilities are endless for other activities: DLC labeling, prizes, personalized gift cards, product packaging…