Shopify plugins : Cloud Print orders automatically


With the Expedy Print solution, when a customer places an order on your Shopify store, a ticket is automatically printed on the checkout printer.

How to connect Shopify to a receipt printer


Shopify has the Webhook functionality, allowing to trigger the sending of data to an external application via a URL.

Details settings

  • Event : “Order Create
  • URL  :
  • s= API SID
  • t= API TOKEN
  • p= Printer UID

You can find API informations in your Expedy Dashboard, or you can use the URLs to integrate your CMS available in the Dashboard > Imprimantes (Printer)> Choose the printer > copy the URL for Shopify.

Print an order automatically

Your Shopify store can remotely trigger the printing of an order ticket, automatically, every time an order is created, without the need to click a button.

You can add as many printers as you need.

  1. Connect to your Shopify Dashboard,
  2. Go to the Settings
  3. then Notifications
  4. at the bottom of the page click on “Create a webhook
  5. Select in the drop-down list Event: “Order Creation”.
    Format : JSON
    URL: Enter your shopify webhook URL (available in your Expedy Account)
    API : Latest version
  6. Then click on Save

From now on, all your SHOPIFY orders will now be printed automatically from a remote location to the connected printer.

You can add as many WebHooks and printers as you want.

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