WCFM WooCommerce Plugin : Print orders to each vendor printer


This plugin allows you to automatically transmit WCFM orders (Marketplace plugin for Woocommerce) to the printers of each seller.

The seller does not need to connect to the WordPress web interface, the tickets are printed automatically, without PC or tablet, with all the necessary instructions to prepare the order (name, surname, ref, phone, address, type of delivery … etc).

How to install the Expedy’s plugin / module

  1. Download the plugin :
  2. In your WordPress/WooCommerce, go to : Admin WordPress > Plugins > Add new
  3. Click on Upload plugin
  4. Click on Choose a file and select the .zip file you downloaded in the first step.
  5. Click on Install now
  6. Click on Active now after the file has been downloaded

Settings of the Expedy’s plugin / module

  1. In your WordPress/WooCommerce, go to : Admin WordPress > Installed plugins
  2. In the Expedy Section, click on Settings to change the parameters

SIDAPI key is available in your Expedy Dashboard in the “API” section. If you don’t have your access, contact our support.
TOKENSecret Key only available in your Expedy Dashboard in the “API” section.
TIME ZONEHelp to synchronize the clock if there is a difference between time zones
PRINTER UIDUnique Identification Number (UID) of the printer visible in your Expedy Dashboard in the “Imprimantes” (printer) section.
Example : WP0RGS1SEDZ (don’t use the symbol #)
TANDEM PRINTER UIDUnique Identification Number (UID) of your second printer
PRINTER SIZEType of printer you have according to its paper roll size Examples : PP-58EWG (58mm) – PP-80EWG (80mm) – KIT-B-BP1 (108mm)
URL LOGOURL of an hosted image (GIF,JPG,PNG formats)
58mm : 398px width
80mm : 602px width We recommend you use a file that is inferior to 60ko : you will use less data if you use a GRPS / SIM card connection, and the printing speed will be faster. The format of the image can block the printing, in this case try without the image first
SHORT OPTIONSChoose the data you want to see printed on the receipt
CONDITIONDetermine which status an order must to be automatically printed 1. New order
2. Order in progress / received
3. Accepted order
NUMBERS PRINTNumber of copy automatically printed for the same order
NOTIFICATION SMSSMS notification for every new order. Additional fees are billed each month for every SMS sent.
MULTIVENDORAllows the order to be divided so that items are printed by several printer Format : Vendor_id:Printer_uid, you must use ||to separate the printers
Example: 4:DESNBXP887K||7:DESHKTI4EOW||

Video Tutorial

Other Plugins compatible with our printers

  • Yith (to manage sub-items / attributes options)
  • WooCommerce TM Extra Product (to manage sub-items / attributes options)
  • ODT extended / WooODT Lite (Byconsole)
  • Advanced Product Fields Pro for WooCommerce ( StudioWombat)
  • WooCommerce Local Pickup Time Select!
  • WCFM (Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin)

We often add new plugins compatible with our cloud printers, if you have a WordPress/WooCommerce plugin that is not in this list, you can contact our support.