Prestashop Module : Cloud Print orders automatically


The printer is autonomous, so there is no need for you to do anything for receipts to start being printing. You don’t need a computer, a tablet or smartphone.

You need an internet connection (WIFI, Ethernet RJ45 cable, 3G/4G SIM card) because your printer will be connected directly to your PrestaShop website through our Cloud Printer Server.

Printers compatible with the Prestashop Expedy Print module:

Contact our support if you need us to check the compatibility of another module with our printers.

How to install the module

  1. Download the Printer Point module for Prestashop
  2. In the Back Office of your Prestashop, go to the “modules” section.
    Then click on “Add a module” or “Install a module”
  3. Upload this module
  4. The module is installed

API settings

SIDAPI key is available in your Expedy Dashboard in the “API” section. If you don’t have your access, contact our support.
TOKENSecret Key only available in your Expedy Dashboard in the “API” section.
PRINTER IDUnique Identification Number (UID) of the printer visible in your Expedy Dashboard in the “Imprimantes” (printer) section. Example : WP0RGS1SEDZ (don’t use the symbol #)
MODELThis is the type of printer you have according to its paper roll size Examples : PP-58EWG (58mm) – PP-80EWG (80mm) – KIT-B-BP1 (108mm)
AUTO-CUTThis option is available on some models of cloud printers, so check the product’s description (not available on “MINI” models and 100mm). It allows the printer to automatically cut the paper at the end of the printing process.

Printing options

Information about the shop
To print the logo at the top of the receipt, use the URL of logo hosted on internet
(Be careful : the URL must be in HTTPS)
Details for each itemYou can choose among several options to show the level of details about each item according to what you need (references, attritubes…)
SumChoose if you want to print totals, with or without VAT
Print automaticallyChoose if you want to print : all new orders, “paid” orders, by type of payment, etc.

Compatible modules (non-exhaustive list)

Our Printer Point module for Prestashop can be used by other modules to print further information, such as the type of delivery, the date and time of delivery, etc. For more information about other compatible modules, contact our support.

> Pickup at Store Module (BELVG)
> Preferred Delivery Time (Knowband)
> Configurator of product (DMConcept)
> Nearby Delivery with time slots  (Prestatill)
> Drive, Click & Collect / Retrait Magasin (Prestatill)
> PrestaDrive

We can’t guarantee that all information of your orders will be correctly printed if you have modified your Prestashop or install other modules that might affect original functions of a Prestashop website. If your receipts don’t have all these information, you can contact us to have a customization of the module.

Multi printers / Marketplace

You can add more than one Printer Point’s printer to your Prestashop website.

If you have more than one store, you can decide for example to send the receipt to prepare the order to the London shop (LONDON01) thanks to the printer AA001 and not to the Edimburgh shop (EDINB002) connected to the printer AA002.

How to personalize your receipts

You can modify receipts through our API system. You can change the layout of the receipts, add more information or images.

Information from the Prestashop’s database (either from Prestashop itself or from a compatible module) are printable.

If you don’t have the skills or time to modify your receipt yourself, you can ask a quote to our support.