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Configuration Printer Image Logo URL

Preferences image format

Accepted image files :

Extension : .JPG .GIF .PNG
Resolution : 72dpi
Dimension largeur :
Papier 58mm : 398px
Papier 80mm : 602px
Papier 104mm : 1002px
Color : RGB/RVB
Couleurs : aplat Noir (voir exemple ci-dessous)
Transparence (alpha) : non
Poids recommandé : entre 5ko et 15ko

Attention some transparent formats (alpha) or other types are not accepted by the printer.
We recommend 72dpi classic image files in web format, in black and white.

Image file for model 58mm : JPG, GIF, PNG format Maximum recommended width: 398px Max weight: 150kB<IMG></IMG><IMG></IMG>
Image file for 80mm model : JPG, GIF, PNG format Maximum recommended width: 602px Max weight :150kB<IMG></IMG><IMG></IMG>

Example :

// Your message
$msg = "<IMG></IMG>";

Center an image

To center an image, your image or logo must be centered with a margin withe to the right and to the left.
Examples depending on the paper used (58,80,104mm).