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Print GoodBarber orders on a receipt printer


GoodBarber offers an intuitive and powerful platform for easily creating e-commerce applications (iOS, Android, Web App). With its user-friendly features and advanced customization, this solution enables anyone to design a professional mobile app tailored to their specific online sales needs, without any knowledge of code.

Learn how to automatically print orders from a GoodBarber application to a cloud printer or a cloud print adapter.

Sample of a GoodBarber ticket

Connect the printer to GoodBarber

  1. Log in to the Expedy
    If you don’t have not received your credentials contact us
  2. In the top left-hand menu, select PRINTERS
  3. Select the printer you wish to connect to GoodBarber
  4. In the GoodBarber section, copy the URL of the webhook.
  5. Go to the GoodBarber Expedy Print extension page via this link, GoodBarber will contact you to send them the webhook URL.

Modifying the page layout

If you would like a custom ticket layout, contact the Expededy support.