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Hardware Warranty Conditions


These conditions were translated from French, the French version is the legally binding version.

These Warranty Conditions are accessible at any time on the website and will prevail, if necessary, over any other version or any other contradictory document.

In the absence of proof to the contrary, the data recorded by the company AD TELA constitute the proof of all transactions.

The validation of the purchase order for the equipment by the Customer, via the / online shop or a reseller, shall constitute acceptance without reservation of these Warranty Conditions.


The warranty covers failures resulting from an electrical, electronic, electromechanical or mechanical malfunction of one or more components of the guaranteed Product, originating from an internal cause of the Product.

The warranty applies only to products that have retained their characteristics (original parts) and their initial configuration.

In order to benefit from the warranty, the Product must have been purchased from the website or an authorised dealer.

Scope of application

The price of parts and the cost of labour required to carry out the repair are covered by the warranty.

However, if the guaranteed product is deemed irreparable by EXPEDY or if the cost of repairs exceeds the purchase price of the guaranteed product, the guarantee will not be activated and EXPEDY will decide whether to proceed with a standard exchange, refund or issue a credit note.

It is specified that the standard exchange consists of supplying a second-hand or reconditioned product of the same model as the guaranteed product. If the product is no longer on sale or available, EXPEDY will provide a reconditioned product known as “equivalent” since it will have at least the same technical characteristics as the initial product. The price of the original product may not exceed the price in euros (including VAT) of the original purchase.

How to benefit from the guarantee?

Manufacturer’s warranty

To activate the “manufacturer’s” guarantee or the legal guarantee, the Customer must contact EXPEDY. Any return of a product under a warranty request requires the prior agreement of EXPEDY. The Customer must make a request for a guarantee by clicking here. This agreement will be materialised by sending an email to the Customer. This email contains the return number and the return authorization form to be completed and signed by the Customer and enclosed in the return package.

Protection of returned products

Products must be returned in adequate packaging to protect them effectively during transport. In addition, the Products must be complete (e.g. labels affixed to the product, which are necessary to benefit from the guarantee). The Customer is informed that EXPEDY will systematically refuse to accept the return of products returned unprotected or poorly protected.


The EXPEDY team will ensure that the warranty is applied to returned and accepted products as soon as possible. However, when parts are not in stock, the warranty period may be extended.

Transport costs

Except in exceptional cases, transport costs are entirely at the customer’s expense.
In the event of a malfunction of the device caused by a manufacturing defect, the transport costs may be reimbursed to the customer.

Exclusion of warranty (non-exhaustive list)

The Customer is informed that in the event of a breakdown or breakage under the conditions detailed below, the warranty claim will be refused by EXPEDY. The list of cases of exclusion of warranty is not exhaustive.

– Software, mouse, PC extensions (e.g. keyboard), laptop extensions (e.g. battery), peripherals, consumables, connectors, accessories and wearing parts (cables, chargers, power supplies, seals, filters, lamps, playback heads, etc.) and, in general, any hardware or software added by the customer.

– Damage resulting from theft or breakage of the guaranteed product

– Damage, breakdown, failure or defect attributable to a cause external to the guaranteed product, such as an electrical source, mode of operation, battery leak.

– Use of the guaranteed product in a manner that does not comply with the standards and prescriptions of the manufacturer.

– Intentional or fraudulent fault of the customer or any other person.

– Damage that does not interfere with the normal operation of the guaranteed product (e.g.: damage of an aesthetic nature such as scratches, scuffs, chips)

– Damage resulting from antenna failures, connection errors or commissioning errors.

– Damage resulting from a climatic event (e.g. storm). In addition, in the cases set out below, the return for the warranty claim is obviously refused and the Customer is informed that no further returns for a warranty claim will be accepted by EXPEDY for the duration of the remaining warranty period.

– Failures resulting from the modification of the original characteristics of the guaranteed product.

– Breakdowns affecting parts that do not conform to those recommended by the manufacturer.

– Breakdowns occurring as a result of the intervention of any person other than EXPEDY on the product returned under warranty.

– The presence of liquid or other product is detected in the returned product during the technical expertise of the machine subject to a warranty claim.

– The product for which a warranty claim is made is totally or partially damaged on receipt in our workshops.

Procedure in the event of exclusion of guarantee

In all cases of exclusion of guarantee, EXPEDY will send the client a quotation for the repair of the product.

The Customer may accept or reject the estimate.

– If the customer accepts the estimate, it must return it dated and signed to EXPEDY within 30 days of its issue. On receipt EXPEDY will carry out the repairs in accordance with the validated quotation.

– If the customer refuses the estimate issued by EXPEDY, he/she must pay the shipping costs corresponding to the return of the product if he/she wishes to recover it. The shipping costs will be paid by the Customer by bank transfer or direct debit.

Payment is possible for a period of two (2) months from the date of issue of the quote.

– If the Customer does not take action (validation of the quote or payment of the shipping costs) within the above-mentioned period (maximum two (2) months), the product will be destroyed by EXPEDY. Its responsibility cannot be engaged in this respect, which the client expressly recognises.